Sovereign Amonsoquath Band of Cherokee


3.      William Bolling, b. April 5, 1731; he married Amelia Randolph (1739-1787); d. 1776, while serving as colonel in the Revolutionary Army of Virginia; he is buried in Henrico County.

4.      Elizabeth Bolling, twin; m. William Robertson, Jr.

5.      Jared Bolling, b. June 30, 1732; m. prior to 1752 to Martha Maxley; d. 1780, Fairfax County, Virginia. His name is spelled in different ways. Some of his brothers went to Rockingham County, North Carolina and Tennessee.

6.      Martha Bolling, b. July 15, 1733.

7.      Dorothy Bolling, b. June 30, 1734.

8.      Benjamin Bolling, twin to Dorothy (see his family line)

9.      Thomas Bolling, b. July 7, 1735; d. August 7, 1804, at Cobbs; m. in Chesterfield County to Elizabeth Gay, his first cousin and the daughter of William Gay and Elizabeth Bolling. She died 1813 at Cobbs. He served in the war as a major of the Chesterfield Militia. He inherited 40, 000 acres of land and in Cobbs on the death of his mother. His children are as follows:

         A. Elizabeth Bolling, 1760-1785

         B. John Bolling, 1758-1782 (deaf, educated in Scotland.)

         C. Rebecca Bolling, b. August 19, 1763; m. William Murray

         D. Colonel William Bolling, 1777-1849, of "Bolling Hall" of Goochland County; m. Mary--, 1775-1863, daughter of Richard Randolph (cousins)

         E. Thomas Bolling, 1769-1836, death mute with fine education

         F. Mary Bolling, unmarried, deaf

         G. Four children died young.

10.   John Bolling, 1737-1797, Chestnut Grove; m. 1760, in Chesterfield County to Mary Jefferson. 1741 at Shadweli, sister to President Thomas Jefferson. They had "issues:"

        A. Martha Bolling, b. 1769; m. 1794, Chesterfield County, to Fielding Archer.

        B. John Bolling, b. 1762, m. Miss Kennon.

        C. Edward, b. 1772, m. 1794, Goochiand County, Virginia, to Dorthea D. Payne (Archer). One son, Powhatten, unmarried.

        D. Mary Jefferson Bolling, b. 1775, m. 1797, in Chesterfield County to Edward Archer.

        E. Robert Bolling, b. 1777, d. 1805, m. 1800, in Goochiand County, to Jane Archer, who died in         1806.

        F. Thomas Bolling, b. 1764

        G. Jane Bolling, b. 1766

        H. Ann Bolling, b. 1767, m. 1784, in Goochiand County, to Howell Lewis, Sr.

        I. Archibald Bolling, m. 1801, Goochland County, to Catherine Payne, daughter of?

           1. Dr. Archibald Bolling m. Ann E. Wigginton of Bedford County.

               A. Judge William H. Bolling


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